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The New York City Taxi Driver Oral History Project | Taxi History
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Taxi History

A Timeline of the New York City Taxi Industry

Electric Carriage and Wagon Company became the first taxi company in New York City with 12 electric cabs.

Harry Allen establishes the first modern taxicab fleet in New York City, The New York Taxicab Company.

The Haas Act of 1937 introduced the medallion system to the New York taxi industry; in this system, the city government gained the power to regulate the number of taxis on the streets.

Medallion cabs painted yellow in an effort to distinguish them from livery cabs and make them easily recognizable on the streets of New York.

According to the New York Times article "'Locked-Box' May Be Cabbie's Best Friend," 3,000 cab drivers were robbed and seven killed in the first seven months of this year.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission founded to oversee and regulate the taxi industry. Previously, taxis fell under the jurisdiction of the police department.

The TLC legalizes the leasing system, which changed the status of drivers from employees to independent contractors. Over the next several years, the leasing system became the norm at most of the city's fleets and garages.

New medallions added for the first time since 1937.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance organizes a one-day strike by taxi drivers in protest to Mayor Giuliani's proposed taxi regulations. The success of the strike helped establish the Alliance as the public voice of the city's taxi drivers.

59 Cab drivers arrested in September for overcharging passengers using the out of town rate on the meter.